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Pilates is a holistic exercise that aims to improve your health by enhancing strength, flexibility, and core stability. It may also positively impact mental and emotional aspects along with the physical. The low-impact nature of Pilates means it suits a diverse range of people in terms of fitness levels, health status, body awareness, and preferences.

At Excel Body & Health Clinic in Macleod, we offer clinical exercise and Pilates classes. This type of Pilates is distinct from the traditional Pilates commonly found in gyms and studios. Our classes are designed to complement your treatment plan, featuring a tailored program created to meet your specific requirements and objectives by our qualified physiotherapists. We provide both individual and group clinical exercise classes in Macleod. There are numerous reasons why you may find clinical exercise and Pilates classes beneficial, as they are designed to incorporate your individual needs and capabilities.

Pilates Macleod

Distinguishing Clinical Pilates from Traditional Pilates

Clinical Pilates Macleod

Clinical Pilates places greater emphasis on rehabilitation and injury prevention compared to traditional Pilates. It is also adaptable to accommodate various chronic conditions and disabilities. While general Pilates aims to enhance overall fitness and well-being and is typically instructed by a certified Pilates instructor, clinical Pilates is more tailored to the individual and overseen by a healthcare professional, often a physiotherapist with additional training in clinical Pilates.Clinical Pilates integrates Pilates and physiotherapy principles to address particular injuries or conditions. In addition to personalised programs, our classes provide supervision to ensure correct and safe execution of movements and exercises. They adopt an evidence-based approach to tailored strength and mobility enhancement while addressing movement patterns. Thus, while traditional Pilates offers versatility and benefits for many, clinical Pilates elevates as a therapeutic practice.

Why Choose Clinical Pilates Sessions Over Traditional Pilates?

Because of the therapeutic and supervised nature of clinical Pilates, it is often excellent for rehabilitation and recovery. If you are dealing with issues such as those listed below, clinical Pilates may offer significant benefits:
Clinical Pilates may also benefit individuals with particular athletic aspirations that demand a more targeted approach.

Clinical Pilates Macleod

Progress safely towards your goals with supervised, personalised clinical exercise and Pilates sessions.

Advantages of Clinical Exercise And Pilates

The programs at Excel Body & Health in Macleod are tailored to support your overall health and well-being. Here are some potential benefits of clinical exercise and Pilates classes:

Macleod Clinical Pilates

Clinical Exercise And Pilates Frequently Asked Questions

This form of activity can be an option for males and females of varying ages. We will provide an initial assessment to determine your suitability in terms of your health and abilities. Classes are adaptable for most people but might not be recommended in some situations. If this is the case for you, we will work to establish or suggest other options.

Our clinical exercise and Pilates sessions in Macleod are designed and conducted by extensively qualified and experienced healthcare practitioners. They are registered physiotherapists who have obtained additional certifications in teaching clinical Pilates.

You can opt for individual sessions or join a group class. Our group classes at Excel Body And Health are limited to a maximum of 4 participants.
Wearing clothing that enables free and comfortable movement is essential. Considering the exercises involved, we suggest attire that accommodates actions such as lying down and jumping without hindrance. For example, it’s advisable to avoid skirts and select leggings or shorts instead.

What Can I Expect in my Clinical Exercise And Pilates Class?

Our team will evaluate your health, fitness, and history, assess your body’s function and capabilities, and examine any pertinent scan results you possess. We will then devise and furnish you with a comprehensive treatment and management strategy to assist you in achieving your desired goals. This patient-centric approach prioritises personalised and evidence-based interventions, with the aim of enhancing your overall well-being and mobility.

A program will typically involve:

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What Makes Excel Body & Health Clinic in Macleod Stand Out for Clinical Exercise And Pilates?

Our highly qualified, friendly, and passionate team looks forward to sharing with you the possibilities that clinical exercise and Pilates classes have to offer.

Empathetic And Focussed Attention

Your instructor will focus solely on you during your session and will also spend time outside of class crafting personalised programs tailored to your needs, both for in-class and at-home practice.

High-quality Equipment

You'll have access to Allegro reformers, free weights, cable machines, and single station towers.

A Friendly And Supportive Environment

We acknowledge the challenges of exercising with an injury or chronic condition. Our environment is designed to offer safety and encouragement, ensuring you remain motivated as you strive towards your desired outcomes.

Embark on Your Recovery Journey With Supported Classes at Excel Body And Health Macleod

If you’re searching for an exercise and movement program that caters to your unique needs, our classes may be ideal for you. We concentrate on addressing specific issues and fostering a positive recovery experience. Our customised guidance is designed to assist you in exercising in a manner that suits your physical condition and abilities, fostering healing, improved functionality, and overall well-being.

Get in touch with us to arrange an initial consultation and determine if clinical exercise and Pilates classes are suitable for you, taking the first step towards improving your health.

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