Dry needling is a technique widely utilised by Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and other qualified professions to release tension and pain in myofascial trigger points. It involves the gentle insertion of fine needles into muscular trigger points or “knots” to reduce the pain and tension felt there, while also increasing local blood flow to aid the healing process.

The needles used by Excel Body & Health Clinic at our Rosanna clinic are sterile, very fine and single use needles which are disposed of in a sharps container immediately after use.

Dry needling treatment is used in conjunction with other manual therapy techniques such as massage and stretching to maximise its effectiveness. It can be very useful on muscles or areas that don’t appear to be responding to massage or stretching, this allows the practitioner to be very specific or treat multiple areas at once.

Whilst it is uncommon to have bruising or bleeding during or after the needling, however, if it does occur, it is generally short lived and stops within a 5-10 second timeframe. It can be common for the treated area to ache for 24-48 hours after the session. You can utilise a heat pack and perform light stretches to help ease this pain.

Dry Needling Rosanna

Dry Needling at Excel Body & Health Clinic

Our practitioners will discuss with you prior to using Dry Needling its effectiveness for your condition and how it can be used in conjunction with other hands-on treatment. It can be effective for providing:

It is commonly effective in conditions such as;

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