Podiatry Greensborough

Podiatrists can support you with your foot, ankle, and lower leg health. They assist in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of a range of conditions related to the feet and lower limbs.

Podiatry treatment can lead to common improvements such as reduced pain, reduced muscle tension, better mobility, and improved circulation.

Greensborough podiatrists offer comprehensive podiatry services to their patients. This will help you get back on your feet faster.

What does a podiatrist do?

Podiatrists can diagnose and treat conditions that affect the lower limbs, feet, ankles, or feet.

The human foot is complex and includes bones, joints, and muscles. It also contains tendons, ligaments, ligaments, and soft tissues. It is designed to carry the weight of the body and to allow mobility.

A variety of conditions can lead to foot problems. These include injury, diabetes, arthritis, deformities, and congenital conditions. These conditions can all be treated by podiatrists through a range of methods such as stretching, manual manipulation, and shockwave therapy.

A podiatrist can assist in preventing foot problems. They can advise on footwear, exercise, and other steps to keep your feet healthy.

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Podiatry: The Benefits

The goal of podiatry is to relieve pain, increase mobility and prevent injury. It can also improve the appearance of your feet and boost self-esteem. Sometimes, podiatry treatment may mean surgery is no longer necessary. Our podiatrists can treat patients of all ages.

What to expect during a Podiatry consultation

Our Greensborough Podiatrists will take the time to listen to you, evaluate your body function, and review scan results. You will be provided with a tailored treatment plan and management plans to achieve your desired outcomes. This patient-focused approach emphasises personalised, evidence-based treatments that can help you feel and move more comfortably. A consultation is usually followed by treatment.     

Podiatry Greensborough

What can Podiatrists treat?

Our Podiatrists can aid in assessing, diagnosing, and providing treatment for a wide variety of conditions including;

Our podiatrists uphold high standards of treatment protocols, which include skilled use and infection control.

What techniques are used by Podiatrists?

Our podiatrists have a wide range of methods to help you develop a personalised treatment plan. Some of the most common techniques include:

We are open to private insurance, Medicare, Workcover, TAC, and DVA patients.


Podiatrist Greensborough

Meet Our Podiatrist

Max Shehata (Podiatrist)


Max Shehata, a senior podiatrist, is a professional in supporting people with lower limb pain. He earned a podiatry degree at La Trobe University. Since then, he has taken a holistic, unique and comprehensive approach to managing a range of podiatry concerns, including general podiatry, sports and injury management, as well as paediatrics.       

He is currently accredited by the Australian Podiatry Association and practices using the most recent evidence-based research in his podiatry practice.        

Max has vast experience in treating athletes at clinics for biomechanical podiatry, where he collaborates with top orthopaedic doctors. He has undertaken numerous additional courses focusing on alternative treatment and evaluation protocols.        

Max, who suffered from chronic shin- and heel pain while playing football, can relate to clients with injuries related to sports or activities. Max’s interest in supporting athletes prevent and treat injuries has grown from his personal experiences.       

Max offers continued care and maintenance to feet for patients of all ages, including diabetics, to encourage activity and well-being.        

Max Shehata Podiatrist