Benefits Osteopathy During Pregnancy

The Benefits Of Osteopathy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such a magical time, isn’t it? You’re growing new life, growing your family, and best of all, growing the number of people you care deeply for. The downside is that with all that growing you’re doing, those nine months aren’t going to be a walk in the park every day! Some days you may feel on top of the world, while others feature a lot of growing pains that are simply unwelcome. Luckily, osteopathy for pregnancy exists and aims to make your pregnancy as smooth and comfortable as possible.

This article explains why osteopathy can be a great option for those who are pregnant to reduce pain and discomfort. To find out more or to book an osteopathy appointment, contact our professional and caring team at Excel Body & Health today.


Common Issues During Pregnancy

Despite all of its good points, pregnancy can be an uncomfortable time for many people. Your body is goingosteopathy for pregnancy through a tremendous amount of change, and increased hormones can certainly add to the emotional discomfort that may come along with it! Many people who have gone through pregnancy experience one or more of the following physical complaints:

  • Low back pain— As the baby grows, the ligaments in your body stretch to prepare you for labour which can cause strain on your lower back.
  • Symphysis pubis pain/dysfunction (SPD)— a group of symptoms that can cause pelvic discomfort as your pelvic joints move.
  • Sacroiliac strain— This tends to cause aching in the lower back, upper leg, and buttocks that may become worse with movement.
  • Sciatica— Pressure on the sciatic nerve which can cause pain down one or both legs from the lower back.
  • Hip pain— As the abdomen expands and the baby grows, the muscles around the hips work harder and can lead to pain.
  • Lower abdominal pain— As the uterus and its ligaments stretch.
  • Rib pain— When your baby moves, this can place pressure on your rib cage.
  • Digestive issues— Complaints including acid reflux and constipation are common during pregnancy as the digestive organs have less space.
  • Sleep disturbances— Any pain or discomfort can make sleep difficult, plus pressure on the bladder can lead to frequent urination, especially during the night.
  • Swollen ankles and varicose veins— During pregnancy blood cannot get to and from your feet and legs as easily as before, which can cause swollen ankles and/or varicose veins.
  • Headache— Your posture tends to change as the baby grows, which can then put pressure on the neck and lead to headaches. Headaches may also be due to high blood pressure or other problems, so consult with your doctor if needed.
  • Neck and upper back discomfort— Due to the increased weight your body is carrying and the demands placed on the upper spine.
  • Hand and arm symptoms— Hormone levels can trigger fluid retention during pregnancy and may lead to issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Pelvic floor— Straining and changes to bladder control may impact the pelvic floor during pregnancy.

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How Osteopathy May Be Able To Help With These Pregnancy Concerns

Although many of these issues are known to be part of pregnancy, treatments such as osteopathy mean you don’t need to put up with them as you may have thought.

Osteopathy during pregnancy takes a self and gentle approach to ensure both your health and your baby’s. This form of manual medicine takes your whole body into account, and your osteopath should consider your symptoms and possible techniques before commencing treatment.

Osteopathy can be very beneficial during pregnancy as it aims to help the pregnant person adjust to their growing and changing body. With new and increased pressure on certain areas of the body, an increase in weight, fluid retention, and a changed centre of gravity, there is a lot to get used to. An osteopath may be able to assist during pregnancy to rebalance the spine and pelvis, giving you an increased chance of an easier labour and birth.


What Techniques Will My Osteopath Use?

No two osteopathy treatments are the same, and this is true for all people, pregnant or not. Your osteopath should perform an assessment and talk with you to discover your main pain points and any other issues you may have before coming up with a tailored osteopathy treatment for you.

Typical techniques include gentle massage, gentle manipulation, joint mobilisation, stretching, and balancing techniques.


The Benefits Of Osteopathy For Pregnancy

Utilising osteopathy during your pregnancy may provide benefits such as:

  • Reducing aches and pains
  • Addressing circulatory problems
  • Relieving headaches
  • Reducing nausea and heartburn

The specific benefits to you will depend on several factors. Ultimately, engaging in osteopathy during pregnancy aims to reduce pain and discomfort and prepare your body for labour.

Looking For Osteopathy To Help During Your Pregnancy?

At Excel Body & Health, we offer osteopathy and other services from our Rosanna location. We aim to help those in any way we can, and can’t wait to help you through your pregnancy journey with as little discomfort as possible. To find out more about osteopathy during pregnancy or to book an appointment, contact our knowledgeable and friendly team at Excel Body & Health today.


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